Eric “the” Taylor: “the” Taylor began his career as a drummer in the alternative music scene of Upstate NY in the early ‘90’s. Electronic drums began to offer him the ability to write and compose melodies and he began to use synthesizers and formulating recording studio techniques to begin creating his own body of Modern Composition.

Eric “the” Taylor began commuting to Woodstock NY, where he studied technique and music theory under percussionist Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Robert Fripp, David Sylvian) and Synthesist Rupert Greenall (The Fixx). Together these three artists began the progressive Ambient outfit THE FRAGILE FATE, whose debut release, LILLIAM OCEAN ( Carpe Sonum Records), continues to chart internationally.

Eric “the” Taylor has also worked with Robert Rich, Mick Chillage, Simon Matthews, and Joe Locke among others.

Eric the Taylor Musician
Eric “the” Taylor recording at Dreamland Recording Studio